Hallgrimur Tomas Ragnarsson

Hallgrimur Tomas Ragnarsson (CEO)

Hallgrimur Tomas Ragnarsson started programming in 1979 and has since worked for IBM and numerous other IT companies. Upon moving back from the USA, he started the first self-storage facility in Iceland (www.geymslur.com) while simultaneously launching a software company to pursue related projects. 6Storage was born out of simplicity: by applying the know-how gained from years of experience in different fields for the benefit of our customers.

A Brief 10-Year HistoryThe development of the 6Storage software began when we opened our first storage facility in Europe, back in 2006. Before opening, we evaluated all the available software and quickly came to the conclusion that nothing met our standards – and so we decided to do it ourselves. Now, 10 years later, we have developed the best software solution available in the self-storage industry.


We design website specifically made for self-storage which allows you to collect user data and turn your visitors into paying tenants. We provide seamless integration with self-storage software, email marketing, social, and optimization tools.

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All of your facility information will have automatic backup and stored securely powered by Amazon Web Services. You can access from any device anywhere.

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We offer you to configure page settings in Multiple Languages, Where you are given an option to switch between several languages on the fly.

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To keep you more organized, 6Storage Software will provide a site map specifically for your facility.